How will my data be protected?


Data Protection

Data protection is taken very seriously and keeping personal information safe is very important. By law, everyone working in, or for, the NHS and social care (adults and children) must respect patients’ privacy and keep information safe. There are processes and policies in place to keep data safe both from the end user and the IT solution. Data is only kept identifiable as long as it is needed; in line with national guidelines. There are also mechanisms in place to enable the investigation of any breaches (if required).


Recording Access

The WCR system logs everyone who looks at a record, including the time and date of access and the information viewed. Access levels will be introduced relevant to role. For example a GP in practice can only see details of their own registered patient records, not the details of any other practice. Additionally the system will encrypt data to the highest possible standard, which means it’s far safer than using paper records.


Sharing information

Your WCR will not be shared with anyone or any establishment outside of the Wirral health and social care organisations without permission. Records will not be made available to insurance companies, drug companies and third parties, or be used for advertising purposes.

In the future, elements of your WCR could be shared with private health companies contracted to provide care directly to the patient for example pharmacists, opticians and dentists. The organisation would have to sign up to our legally-binding Information Sharing Agreement before this could happen and individual staff members would need to be involved in providing care directly to you in order to get access. Your data will not be used for business reasons. The type of data the health provider would be able to see would be limited to what they need to supply you with the care you need. Any significant changes to who can access the WCR system would be widely communicated to the public.


Can the system be audited to determine if there has been any unauthorised access?

Yes, the WCR is auditable. There will be an ongoing robust audit process in place and any concerns raised by patients or professionals will be acted upon.