What information is in the WCR?

The creation of the WCR is a continual process. The data from the Wirral Partner organisations will be included at different stages from the initial ‘go-live’ point and will continue to be populated. Essentially more data fields will be populated over time as part of a journey to make it as beneficial as possible to patients and care professionals.

Information to be included in the record during the first ‘go live’ stage:

  • Demographics (Patient name, DOB, Gender, Address, telephone number)
  • Name of practice including usual GP and registered GP
  • A comprehensive record of patient conditions and diagnoses
  • Test results (e.g. blood tests, allergy tests, blood pressure). This will speed up treatment, care and prevent duplication
  • NHS number to ensure we are linking the right information to the right person
  • Hospital referrals, admissions and clinic information
  • Hospital discharge and visit information (including dates, locations and personnel)
  • Allergies in relation to food, environment and medication
  • Medications (current and historical) and medication issues
  • Procedures (Operations, Vaccination/Immunisations)

Information to be included in the future:

  • Appointment dates and time
  • X-rays
  • Structured social care data including appointments and scheduling


What information will not be included in the WCR

Information of a highly sensitive nature will not be shared routinely via the WCR, this includes:

  • HIV and Aids diagnosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Termination of Pregnancy
  • IVF treatment
  • Any complaints made to health or social care organisations
  • Convictions & imprisonment
  • Cases of Abuse (Physical & Sexual)
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Adoption

In addition, any social care information that does not directly or indirectly assist a care professional in providing the best care will not be included.

There will be no free text in the Wirral Care Record, all data is assigned a code.


How do you know the information in the WCR is correct?  

Each organisation currently needs high quality data to care for their patients.  The data which appears in the WCR is uploaded directly from existing clinical and social care record systems. To ensure the data displayed is correct, there will be significant testing activity to ensure the data quality. In addition patients will be able to check their WCR just like any other held by an organisation.