What are my choices?

A WCR will automatically be created for each patient unless a practice decides to not join the care record or a patient decides to opt out. 

A patient has the option to opt out of the WCR. If a patient has decided to opt out, they can change their mind and opt in at a later stage and vice versa (i.e. if a patient decides to stay in they can opt out at any time.)

If a patient wishes to opt out of the WCR there three key options:

Online at

By calling 0151 541 5440

Or alternatively by visiting your GP practice in person.

You can’t opt in or out of the WCR at any other place (other than your GP practice) where care may be accessed.

If you wish to opt out, you will need to complete some basic details via any of the above methods. The amount and type of detail you give may vary across Wirral.

It is important to flag that if you are taken to A&E unconscious and you have opted out of the WCR record, the doctor will not have immediate access to your healthcare information, which could cause a delay in you receiving the right medical care.

If you have previously opted out of the ‘’ or ‘summary care’ record, they will not be automatically opted out of the WCR. You will have to opt out of WCR using the channel(s) outlined above.


Children and the WCR

If you’re the parent or guardian of a child under 16, you will be required to opt out of the WCR on your child’s behalf, utilising the same channels outlined above.


Vulnerable patients and the WCR

Vulnerable people and those who lack capacity to make a decision will be treated in exactly the same way as now.  An assessment will be made of their capacity and then actions taken in their best interests following discussion with their loved ones and/or those with lasting power of attorney.