What are the benefits of the WCR?

Increased confidence in decisions regarding care

  • Having access to the WCR will increase confidence in decisions by giving essential clinical and social information to enable the best possible care.

Improved communication and effectiveness

  • Faster access to information available 24 hours a day, which will reduce waiting times for information from other clinicians and speed up treatment and care.
  • Patients will not have to repeat their medical and social care history every time they speak to a care professional.
  • Less duplication e.g. if a patient has a blood test in Arrowe Park Hospital but attends their GP surgery a week later and the GP wants to take a blood sample, the results will already be available by viewing the patient’s WCR. It will not only save the patient time and anxiety of having to undergo another test but it will also save the NHS time and cost of not having to repeat the procedure.
  • Fewer delays in treatment, as the care providers are able to share information. This will mean fewer records are at risk of being replicated, containing incomplete information or losing information.

More appropriate care

  • The WCR will enable health and social care professionals to treat patients better by providing immediate access to a patient’s medical history which will help make fully informed decisions.
  • Patients will also experience more joined up care between a variety of care settings. This will be especially beneficial if a patient suffers from an ongoing condition requiring management from a number of different healthcare professionals.


More accurate decision making

  • Care will be safer.  For example, if a patient suffers from an allergy or a severe adverse reaction from a particular medication, this information will be immediately available to the healthcare professional.
  • For professionals who regularly see patients that are not well known to them (for example at a walk in centre) the care professional that you see will have up to date, accurate information about you so will be able to provide the most appropriate care advice.



  • When struggling to obtain the information from a patient this can cause delays and frustration. Having access to their information helps to reduce inequalities between patients and those better able to communicate their condition. It will allow clinical and social care decisions to be made in a more timely and informed manner.


Pro-Active care (Population Health Management)

  • The WCR data will be used to create condition specific registries. The registry will allow all clinicians across the system to identify patients who live with a particular condition, for example diabetes. Alerts can be triggered so important disease markers, such as Haemoglobin A1c for diabetic patients, can be identified and therefore routinely tested and monitored by the appropriate clinician. These key markers can be identified even by clinicians who are not the patient’s primary provider.
  • WCR will assist in assessing the future healthcare needs of our Wirral patient population (via the registries) as we will be able to better understand diseases.