Who can see my WCR?

Only health and social care professionals involved in a patient’s care will be able to see their WCR. This includes doctors, nurses, and sometimes admin staff. These professionals will only see the information they need to in order to provide the patient with better care. All access attempts to the patient’s record are logged. Details of the health or social care professional will be recorded and checked to ensure that the access was appropriate. Patient data will not be shared with anyone who is not providing the patient with treatment, care or support. This means that patient data will not be made public or passed on to any third party not directly involved in their care.


Can patients access their own WCR?

Yes, under the Data Protection Act (1998) patients can request access to all information that public sector organisations hold about them, including copies of paper and electronic health and social care records, as well as who has accessed their WCR.


Will patients only have one care record now?

No, each partner organisation will continue to add information to their patient records. The WCR allows relevant information to be viewed collectively from these records.