10 things you need to know about the Wirral Care Record



  1. The Wirral Care Record is a new confidential digital care record that will include your health and social care information in one place.


  1. The Wirral Care Record will launch Summer 2017 and will start with patient data from your GP surgery and Wirral University Teaching Hospital.


  1. Data from Wirral Council, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership and Wirral Community Trust will be in the record by Autumn 2017.


  1. Your care record can only be seen by care professional that is caring for you from the NHS or Wirral Council, and no one else.


  1. Your care record will not be shared with any organisation outside of Wirral Council and the NHS in Wirral without permission. It will not be made available to insurance companies, drug companies and third parties, or be used for advertising purposes.


  1. 90% of people in Wirral* we asked said that the Wirral Care Record was a good idea and should be implemented. (*Survey by Wirral Health and Social Care Partners, September 2015)


  1. You can opt out of the Wirral Care Record at any time. Just visit or call your GP surgery and ask to be opted out.


  1. The data held within the Wirral Care Record is hosted in the UK, so it’s subject to Data Protection law, meaning you can be totally confident that your information is secure.


  1. It’s the beginning of the most advanced digital health system anywhere in Europe. It will help make sure everyone in Wirral gets the best possible care when they need it, and help to manage long-term conditions like diabetes and COPD.


      10. Doctors, nurses and social care staff right across Wirral trust it to help deliver safer, faster and better care for everyone in Wirral.